Christmas Decorations

The trees are getting lively. The robins were found hiding out in last year’s Christmas stocking in the stock room. Where else do robins hibernate? The mini stockings were still attached to the spiky artificial trees from the year before.

So I have adapted the crown pattern to make a bunting. Where are the stars?

Suddenly there feels like no time left …… Oh Christmas Trees….

Side tracked

Well once the Christmas trees were completed I was going to get cracking on the decorations but……… then we had a book delivery and an email from the University (Website). Needless to say I got side tracked…. the book was Knitted Dolls by Lousie Crowther Boo-biloo not that I do toys except maybe I do come to think of it there are quite a few here. Maybe they are the things I finish!!!! And the email got me thinking…. The University are celebrating 150 years since the first rugby match was played in Wales …. they were looking for mechandise to promote in the town.

Well the first thing I associated with rugby and knitted… of course I thought – scarves, well bit obvous and not if you see what I mean. The current fan scarf is manufactured in some factory somewhere at 2p/100 and sold for the supporters to wave and a profit.

Go back 100 years and when everyone wore black wool coats, caps and thick wooly everythings the weather was colder, the grounds more windswept and a hand knit scarf in team colours was about the only outward sign of supporting ferver you could account to. There you are – behind every good manly game is the team of handknitting geniuses who kept body, soul and the heat in your body on a cold wet terrace!!

I could make a pattern for a scarf ….cast on 75 st, stocking st 10 rows one colour, 10 rows another but where is the challenge in that?

The next idea came from the book.. adapt the pattern it said…. meet Algie….


At the moment the one leg Victorian rugby player. Complete with moustash and in University colours ( I think they said stripes but it could have been hoops) circ 1900? In local wool all but the black hee hee Welsh Rugby mascot anyone? Next a red jumper I think…..



A Christmas Tale

If things around the world were not surreal enough ….. . it was hard to start thinking of potential Christmas things in July. I  took to watching Christmas films, drinking ginger beer and dressing for the weather….. well it was that sort of summer. It didn’t work, so by the end of October  I have a big window and nothing Christmasy to show in it.

Big needles time…….. a little application and big tree, little trees and window tree…

Over the next few weeks I plan to do a star for the top, some ‘tinsel’ and crochet baubles. The socks and robins are from last year there are patterns somewhere.

The little bitty trees:dscf5824

5.5mm or 5mm needles, chunky wool, and stuffing.

The stands are made from a block of wood or modeling clay (or old spindle parts), with 20cm of dowel (10mm)


Cast on 30st, work 2 rows (K1,P1) repeat to end (double moss st)

row 1 – K2tog, P1, K1 to last 2 st P2tog. Row 2 – (K1,P1) repeat to end.

continue working these 2 rows until you have 4st (making sure to work the last row 2).

Next row (K2tog,P2tog); Next row K1,P1; Next row K2tog and pull yarn though loop to secure.

Make a second tree side. Whip stitch the two side of the tree together leaving a small hole at centre of base (stuff lightly before completing the base so you have room to move and pad the tree so not rounded). Push the dowel into the stuffing firmly and tie the ends round the dowel.







Oh Heavens it’s nearly………..

Well, what do you know?  Summer came and went in a shower of lukewarm and occassional sunny spells. The weather doesn’t seem to have changed pace since April, the clocks went forward and back, the leaves are still on the trees, I don’t think I’ve seen frost for months ( I don’t get up that early). Apart from the darker evenings I’m not really sure what end of the year it is. And tomorrow is November……

I have in recent years been knitting stuff as present for the advancing ‘Season to be Jolly’ Youngest son announced that since I do would I make one of these and one of these?…(I think the assumption was it would be difficult if not impossible for little Mum).. The one of these in question turned out to be a cowl/collar/scarf seen on a shopping trip, in braided knitting. Looks very effective and is a little bit too easy reproduce something similar. Made two in an evening !!

So we’ve divised a pattern and there is a workshop if you are interested.dscf5814

The other one of these was ….. a ‘knitted crown’.

Some of you might just remember last year’s run up to Christmas on our facebook page and the Christmas party with well….the crowns ( oh what am I like? sooooooooooo coooooooooL!!) ha just so you know it is so last year!!!!

This years are gold last year was a bit pastel I’ve made over the pointy bits and there’s lots of chance to make it your own variation. Here they are again and they are very easy to make so another workshop is planned for 29th November. Make a few for the big day!


Super Sized and Fairisle

Suddenly realised I haven’t visited for quite a while been busy …….

Recent time has been taken up start of the knitting season mind the warm Autumn hasn’t got you all inside knitting has it??? And with the Fairisle the classes on Saturday afternoon being well attended. (The hens are growing we should soon have a flock!!!!!) well…..I have been making….

The other day’s creations was another attack of the supersize. Well the new colours in Special Super chunky came in and someone asked me for slippers. My baby bootee pattern and the big needles came out and there you godscf5800 good for a mddling child I have perfected an adult sized version which is ready to print and go.



While I was playing with Fairisle and the New Lanark Chunky I came up with a bag/cushion cover. See writing isn’t my strong point you know!!!dscf5797

home from the holidays



The holiday photo album could be long, very long indeed. We have an arrangement where ‘himself’ takes photos on a snazzy all zoom and buttons camera and I take snaps on my digital thing. We compare notes back home. I take flowers and scenic shots …….. I never know what he has until later. Glimpses of myself in shots I’d rather not know about (I am not photogenic) and landscapes usually. This is my selfy….


Blue Beyond Cottage was marvelous – cosy and chic!! Do take a look  it is lovely and such welcoming people, Colin and Susan. Soooooo peaceful and just what we needed.

The Weather was….  I think it is in Shetland where sunshine is a ‘break in the weather’ so Tiree has many such breaks in the weather.

I seems so long since we returned from holiday I need another already. Thought I’d share a few more photos before it fades completely into the autumn mists…..




Old hen doorstop

We won’t get into the discussion on what is chicken, what is hen. I’m from farming stock and suffice to say hens are what run about ….

Maybe this isn’t hen …………anyway.

Version One was complete by Sunday night. in Aran wool, either all circular or some straight. It has changed the nature of the class/es but as a three day event (6hour) it is very do able.  It comes in stages and covers all the proposed knitting techniques – Fairisle, Circlular (knitting in the round), charts and sewing up!!!! (I know circular knitting don’t have side seams but this has beaks and bottoms),  even 3 needle bind off and it can be down sized to a phone cover for those with only a day to spare  …oh clever? It requires stuffing and a strategic rock!!

Perhaps a comb?

Version 2 tomorrow maybe I’ll get round to washing it too and a new pattern with chart

come and have a go ………