Knitting a website Chapter 2 –

Keeping it up!  And.  What to write about?

Blime its like being back in school write about……. I always go blank. Yesterday was a day of wandering off to distractions and today is the day of rain and the dog in the shop. Focus on what?

Disgussed of Lampeter

Dog ? She has a poorly leg and she is not to lick it. The cone indignity plus being in public is proving too much – that is what they mean by a Dog Day.

When in doubt – Knitting. I am being currently challenged by tension, not in a bad way but in a be as accurate as possible way. A sloppy knitter to my roots I am tried, I knit fast and even and for many a year being dislexic, patterns have been a place of last resort. Believe me moving letters in rows of K2, P2, CB2, YO, K2tog lines of print is sufficient to send the needles flying. Charts for me and many UK patterns do not do them (cost, one supposes), so I have gone my own way.

My latest venture into Cambrian Mountains Wool (more on that later) is the cause of my new challenge and knitting for consistent design results. I am aware I knit stocking st loose and 3.75mm needles are the weapon of choice for DK – I am currently at the point of knitting (a rib) with a 2.75mm and bamboo needles with a bouncy lofy wool DK. There are so many variables with this craft heaven knows how anyone makes anything. Making samples in this methodical way hasn’t really been needed before but it’s an interesting excersise maybe I will also try same size different needle metal wood etc too. Much happier doing my own thing –Will keep you posted ……….. Oh dear

my own thing!!

Off to retrive the shop web domain from Go Daddy (remember what password? from 3 years ago? I don’t think so — wish me



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