Knitting a website Chapter 3

Oh my goodness there is a website at the shop address again.

After several attempts and much one sided discussion with a nice enthusiastic American lady about which option I required,  I got a real person and found out what I needed to do! Hah ha 3 lines of text later and some overnight finger crossing.  Website construction TICK.

I also have a word folder called Blog posts – dear me what is the world coming to?

The tension on tension continues – samples done on same size needles (sharp point wood and blunt point bamboo) reflect the slide of the needle surface I think. Before the point broke ahhhhhhhhh.

I am going to try working with some metal needles- the current one are aluminium and a lovely colour of blue (what use that is? it’s pretty) and next the ubiquitous grey heavy and generally still quite blunt jobs. As a fast knitter sharp is preferable and I do like my circular Hiyahiya set for that but I don’t have sharp steel straights. We shall see……

So with the need for samples next week, I will have to hope the cobalt blue do the job or it may become a chore!!!!


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