Knitting a website – Chapter 3


Sat 9th April 2016 I sit in the shop hunkered in my woollies, the snow falls outside and the cars make that sad whoosh as they pass by. All passers-by are on a mission head down, hood up and the snow falls. Well actually it is sleet, if it were snow there would be that eerie silence you get and the sort of peaceful lull. So it is Saturday in Lampeter at the beginning of April. NOT January or December but April – no gardening for any of you today.

Commitment to the blog – this is a responsibility you know – my current dilemma, should it be every day?  Well realistically I do have other things I need to do and sitting at the computer working (is that me?) doesn’t happen on days I’m not in the shop. Frankly, there is something else I’d rather do and there may not be anything to say every day. So the commitment will be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Wool – the tension samples are coming along nicely and the nice needles worked hurrah.

Plus some Cambrian Mountains Wool is on imminent arrival – it is believed to be somewhere in the locality as I write. In a snow covered lorry wandering lost and afraid the back roads of the Ceredigion hinder-land forever doomed to roam……………… sorry knitting frenzy head.

Commitment – ‘committable’ more like!!

More about Cambrian Mountians Wool at (full site coming shortly) or facebook Cambrian Wool



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