knitting a website

Oh heck missed a day so much for best laid plans!!

I don’t know where days go sometimes  one minute I was writting the blog page then the battery went flat so much for wireless-ness – then I thought oh I’ll just tidy the last of the bits in the stockroom and before I knew it I was mixing 4ply colours together on my ballwinder.

Wandering mind!!

I have made recently a top down tunic/jumper for the first time. It’s from a pattern called nutmeg on Ravelry- another good place for wandering minds. I mixed some odd skeins together to have enough and a cone of grey Welsh wool left from heaven knows when. It went very well. So because I like the style and it is easy to pick up put down in the shop. When I found some random balls of not sold stuff but not enough to do the whole thing (stash anyone?) I decided to have another go. Mixing colours on the ball winder is easy and un mixing them nearly as. So the afternoon when by…..

Eventually the red/brown combo took it. Nutmeg is a plain sweater on 5.5mm needles this will have a crew neck and a rose pattern round the yoke edge and is 2 strands of 4ply not 3 so maybe on 4.5mm — I’m adapting the idea as I go. You can do that with top down increasing as you go so to get the shape you want. It’s probably a designers nightmare but now I know this pattern looks OK on me I want to repeat the shape but alter the look. The rose pattern round the yoke might slow me down but.

I’ll let you know how I get on —frogging is also a good way to waste an afternoon!!

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