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Cambrian Wool or how the wool goes round

Some of you may know and others may not, the general story of wool. How it grows every year on wooly sheep on farms all over the UK. That each summer as a kindness, it is taken off the wooly sheep to stop them over heating in their warm wooly coats. How it is collected up and shipped away to be sold. How the farmer must sell the raw wool to the British Wool Marketing Board and how little money they get for the raw wool.

But did you know the rest of the sad story. Of the skill of the graders who sort and grade the wool’s quality. How wool is a commodity, like steel and wheat, which is ‘traded’ by people who don’t even see it.

Or the story of the processes needed to clean and card and comb the raw wool into something usable. Or the other things wool is used to produce like the gaters of engines or insulation for roofs. Not to mention the rolling, twisting and spinning the wool goes through for us to knit with even before it is dyed lovely colours and we get to play with it….

Cambrian Wool has bought some of the finest grade of Wool that Welsh Sheep can produce. It has been to forgein parts for the processes it needed to make it into knitting yarn (because it couldn’t be done here in big quantities) and it is coming to a wool shop near you…. very soon.

In nine lovely colours and as soft as you can imagine

If you really can’t wait see it, feel it, buy it at Wonderwool if you happen to be there


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