Radio star

On Thursday we had a visit from BBC Wales, Country Focus. The nice reporter with a big fluffy microphone asked lots of questions and I replied. I can not remember what I said but she also spoke to customers who I thank very much.

As usual there was laughter. We  spoke of yarn shop day, shops on the high street, and Cambrian wool, my preoccupation. Listen in on Sunday morning to hear me make a ……..

Please let me know how my 15 minutes of fame went,  I’ll be in the sheep shed selling wool

2 thoughts on “Radio star

  1. I live in Western Australia and very much enjoyed your interview on Country Focus via podcast today. Having Welsh ancestry I have for a long time been hoping to source some yarn made from the fleece of Welsh sheep that have eaten Welsh grass and stood in the Welsh hills! Now perhaps I have found it. I hope that you will one day be able to sell online for all those knitters in far flung parts of the globe who are unable to visit your charming shop. Best of wishes for your venture.


    1. Hi Lydia
      Thank you for my first response to the blog and from so far away! i haven’t dared listen yet. Redapple is a one woman band and to me the touch and feel is as much a part of yarn choice as anything, many of the products we sell are available on line. The Cambrian Wool does have a website (launched last Friday) and shop (opening imminently) so you will be able to buy online very very soon. Find it at


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