Post Show Needle Droop

I am very post show this week. I love Wonderwool the atmosphere is so friendly everyone has a common interest – there is a camaraderie in the fact that all or almost everyone there is a yarn users. Might I suggest a crèche for all the stoic non yarn users who come along to help ? There were the drivers and helpers, the bag carriers and my favourite the wallet openers under appreciated but who definitely didn’t have woolface!!

But I am proper ……. I deal with people every day but shows are intense. Still I like meeting people and we have a wonderful product in glorious colours. I enjoy it and time goes quick. The weather outside was lovely the first Sunday (my day off) for weeks the sun shone and I was in the sheepshed, not toooo cold but missed my dose of vitamin D – mustn’t grumble.  Just something small today


And while I was drooling over wool, the lovely Miss Hayley finished her first (and she asked us to reminder her, her last) London Marathon in 5hrs plus. Having raised money for Oxfam and sore and very nearly not completed – she arrived back in Lampeter on Monday. With joyful tales of being cheered on by crowds chanting her name when she was struggling and the elation of just having done something so amazing. Well done you…… and everyone else who took part and completed. Sad condolences to the family of Capt. David Seath who didn’t.



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