Sublime to the …….

Well in the past week I have taken in the two extreems of the knitting wool world. The gloriously soft and bouncy Cambrian Wool (note – another plug) and the equally new and gloriously crazy West Yorkshire Spinners AireValley and Signature Cocktail range. In both 100% of the wool is UK  (there is 25% nylon in the Yorkshire version).


And guess what I feel related to both, if you’ve read other blog pages you know the Cambrian connection. West Yorkshire Spinners are in the vanguard of the revival of UK yarns and the new range is spun in my home town of Keighley. The ball band shows a veiw of the Airevalley near my childhood village and my mother swears my sisters house but that might be pushing it. Still it is a fun and lively yarn —socks anyone?….

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