Gooseberry Club

I do not have the best of short term memory and if recent research is to be believed we none of us have perfect recall.One memory for me has repeated itself in my head this week. I share it because …….

Imagine a disco 1980, a Valentine Ball I believe, I was a skinny first year in my second term at uni, he was a post grad captain of my Badminton Club (and I had a crush). We bumped into each other on the dance floor – the chat up was —

“Oh fancy meeting you here” (yep, the chat up expert!!), “Oh yes”, I said, “I’m here playing gooseberry ” (I’d come with my best mate and her boyfriend ,and he with the couple he shared a flat with), “Me too, we should knit green fluffy jumpers and start a club!” This was the era of mohair sweaters (remember George Michael). That was the begining of a lifelong friendship and a connection with a lovely, funny caring man . He is one of my life’s anchors, who I will alway think of as a big brother.

I can’t think of gooseberrys and not think of him.  I never asked him if he remembered that conversation. But green fluffy jumpers have been mentioned more than once over the years. Even when he married my best mate 10 years later and both flatly denied they had met that night. Now I never can ask him. He left this world too early, last Monday, my heart goes out to all those who loved him and so many did. Gareth you will be missed

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