Welsh Hap

Well it is nearly finished ..I can’t decide whether the fringe is going to work yet. It is a classic triangle in the Cambrian Mountains Wool 4ply slate with single rows of mineral, ironstone and Welsh red.  It has the usual start – make a slug of 4st 3 rows pick up 3 st along each side (10st). After that its all knit, with increases (knit into the front and back of st) on alternate rows. Increase row (Inc, K2, Inc, K2 Inc, K1, Inc K1) the increases fall 1st in from eacg side and make a nice rib down the centre of the shawl. Next row K. repeat……for …..ever


The single rows of colour (on the K row) are put in after 56 rows and have 3 rows worked between each one. The edge is made by working a row of K1, (YO, K2tog) repeat to last st, K1. followed by cast off row. I think there were 200 plus st to cast off (but it might have been more) I didn’t count it didn’t matter.


Just need to be brave and cut the fringes….


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