Little Peter my grandson, has a very old and wise head for a two year old. Yesterday he travelled a very long way in the car with us for a very serious grown up reason. He was serious too. On the way home he pointed out some little pools of sunshine on the hillsides as we drove by. It was raining on the car and he wondered if there would be a rainbow. He very solemnly told me all about rainbows how they are made by sunshine and rain and only appear for a little while. He had seen one at home and it was “so beautiful” he wanted to keep it forever – his mum and he had managed to take a photo but “the rainbow went away”. It had made him a little sad.

It was OK though, because he and mum would paint one on his bedroom wall so he will always have his own rainbow. It reminded me of a song “I can sing a rainbow” and the words came flowing back to me. So I sang it to him in the car on the pass above Corris.  I think I got the colours in the right order but with that particular ditty it doesn’t matter. And a small happy memory was made.

.As it happens I am knitting my own version of a rainbow – and soon I will knit him one and one for little Jacob too. The order of colours doesn’t match a rainbow but that doesn’t matter either. The stripes need to go long ways not across so, it is knit from side to side. the pattern is K2 rows colour, K1 row, P1 row in the main colour. It is in my current favorite yarn the DK Cambrian Wool (I have no shame) – I have a sleeve, a front and am working to the centre back. Then I will start the other side….

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