All in the detail -Rainbow

The satisfaction of a completed garment – the rainbow cardigan is finished. With a  minor revamp or two along the way – my design as I go creation is done.


It like, a lot of items for grown women, does not sit well on a hanger – but it is difficult to do fashion shoots on myself. You will have to try to imagine it worn with my new lagenlook dress (in a matching grey purple colour, tight at top, loose and draped skirt, also made myself and almost finished). If I can get someone to take a decent photo of the outfit I’ll let you know.


The issue now, is fastening. The style needs to close at the top and how to do it? I don’t want too fussy that will detract and it need to close edge to edge. Should have considered this before …….

Currently I have used what I think is a nordic sweater clasp (a pair of buttons with a hook and eye, from my button box picked up somewhere in my travels). It is heavy, the buttons twist and it needs more than one. It needs more to be firmer. I have considered a corset look with small hooks and eyes that don’t show at the back. But that means using small on tape maybe not a  sensible size for wool. Fur hooks are bigger but when I have used them before they are clumsy. I-cord ties maybe?

It sent me back to the jewelery workshop – and copper wire experiment to make my own. Then I scoured the shop we have more sweater/jumper clasps and metal buttons to chain together cape style. I even tried the butterfly jewelery clasps -too small. Resorting to the ‘net’ there are artisan made creations of all styles and I’ve discovered the world of  cardigan guards. Lovely mostly 1930’s and 40s chain broaches specifically designed to hold your cardi in place while it is artisically draped over you shoulders and shawl pins might work there was a lovely s shaped pin ( like a butchers hook) — easily distracted me –   I’ll keep looking ……..


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