Are we nearly there yet?

I intended not to write the blog for the next few week ……getting away from it all!!! But in the spirit of knitting envy ……..

The journey was of epic proportions, the 6 hour first stage took longer than 8. Averaging  34 miles an hour. Included were wind blown branches, scenic tours of Newtown, Kerry and Abermule; lunch at Howard’s cafe; detours for queues at Pant, Oswestry, and a huge wind turbine. That only got us to the M6 at 5pm on a summer Friday….. it was not pretty. The leisurely arrival at the B&B aand pub grub, turned into an M&S sandwich at Burton Services and arrival after dark. It have been could be worse.

The B&B however turned out to be a gem, only 3 miles from the M6 on the Annan river at converted mill site. Otters and red squirrels before breakfast, things were looking up. (So much so we are stopping off there on the way back!) Then another significant journey 3 hours in the car to Oban and another 3 plus, on a packed ferry …..we arrived late Saturday evening…… we were nearly there yet???

DSCF5620Well two days in and I have started the grey cardigan, with a few alterations in design…

Oh yes….. this is the view from the cottage bench where I have been knitting in the sunshine.DSCF5622

Knitting envy anyone???





Oplymic Knitting ?

On Chris ‘the’ Evans’ Radio 2 show this morning  the  tenuous link was to the 23rd March. Apparently half (exaggeration for effect) of all UK  Olympic Gold metal winners (Chris Hoy and Steve Redgrave etc) have the connection of having the same birthday. Sadly I am One Day out of this auspicious bunch which makes it even more unlikely that they will introduce knitting as an Olympic event. There go my medal hopes.

I like these random connections with people but have rarely come up against others with the same birthday as me.The only notable occasion was a training weekend I shared with 12 other people (and plus 3 trainers) of the 15 of us three had the same birthday and all shared the same Chinese birth year of Ox.  I got a lot from that course!!

I don’t have 365 friends that I know (or remember) the birthday’s of but my diary of card reminders doesn’t have many clashes. My Mum has just had a very big day and I seem to have a lot of relatives with August birthdays and as most are Leo they like to party!! My best day is the 14th April (which is now sadly one name down) and is celebrated three lovely men who’s only connection is to be unfortunate enough to know me!!

Enough…. the date on my mind is the 19th August –Red Apple is about to be left far behind as I sail off into the Atlantic for a week (re)treat on the secluded island of Tiree. Seals, sand and … significantly few people. I am leaving the shop in 4 pairs of very capable hands. Thank you, ladies very much and not too many parties!!


It is nothing personal, but I will only have himself for company. What to take has been a task –we have  the car (I have been allowed to take my sewing machine but not the wire pliers and hammer!), there is quite a deal of knitting time between Lampeter and Oban, even if I do my share of the driving so….

I have packed so far …. a half-finished lace weight shawl; the Wonderwool purchase of pink Whistlebare mohair for a scarf (also started); a hank of John Arbon’s wine coloured alpaca laceweight; some grey/green merino for a cardigan from Any Herzog’s Knit Wear Love (with the book) and some baby alpaca for a sample for the shop. Scotland has its own knitting traditions and I’m told you can get Hebridean wool on the island ……..Do they charge excess baggage on CalMac?