Chicken run

The plan- to find an idea for the Fairisle beginners class (October Events) something a bit different, big enough to show up in the window and easy!!. I had come across this pattern for a doorstop in Lucinda Guy’s book Northern Knits Gifts. Its similar to the Fancy Hen cushion pattern by Ella Austin and is very Scandi which I like…… Chickens in two colours strictly not Fairisle I agree but would you start with a Kate Davies (Colours of Shetland) complete jumper or one of her less complex mitts like Jazz Hands ?

Saturday afternoon I have 2 hours to show basic concepts (people can come back as often as they need) and all knitting takes time and practice. So it might not be true ‘fairisle’, but it has to be wool. At least covered some of the bases. Working colours like this has similar elements/pitfalls: reading the chart, two threads working at the same time, the floats at the back, potential puckering, the tangle and twisting together of the yarns. I know its still ambitious…….


I started a sample yesterday. The Lucinda Guy is done in 4ply on 3mm needles (I used a skinny dk as I knit a bit baggy) that was all I achieved –revisit idea.

This is simple on colours and has a few too many long floats but for a beginner relatively simple. It is done on circular needles and that is another 2 hour event. Completed item is appealing but it needed to be simpler.

Adaption – aran on straight needles (not completely traditional but …) and pencil, graph-paper (printable knitting graph-paper) and alot of rubbing out later — mark 11 has begun and is looking much more promising. Still won’t be “done” in 2 hours but …….

we might have a simple chicken by ….. Tuesday?


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