Old hen doorstop

We won’t get into the discussion on what is chicken, what is hen. I’m from farming stock and suffice to say hens are what run about ….

Maybe this isn’t hen …………anyway.

Version One was complete by Sunday night. in Aran wool, either all circular or some straight. It has changed the nature of the class/es but as a three day event (6hour) it is very do able.  It comes in stages and covers all the proposed knitting techniques – Fairisle, Circlular (knitting in the round), charts and sewing up!!!! (I know circular knitting don’t have side seams but this has beaks and bottoms),  even 3 needle bind off and it can be down sized to a phone cover for those with only a day to spare  …oh clever? It requires stuffing and a strategic rock!!

Perhaps a comb?

Version 2 tomorrow maybe I’ll get round to washing it too and a new pattern with chart

come and have a go ………

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