home from the holidays



The holiday photo album could be long, very long indeed. We have an arrangement where ‘himself’ takes photos on a snazzy all zoom and buttons camera and I take snaps on my digital thing. We compare notes back home. I take flowers and scenic shots …….. I never know what he has until later. Glimpses of myself in shots I’d rather not know about (I am not photogenic) and landscapes usually. This is my selfy….


Blue Beyond Cottage was marvelous – cosy and chic!! Do take a look  it is lovely and such welcoming people, Colin and Susan. Soooooo peaceful and just what we needed.

The Weather was….  I think it is in Shetland where sunshine is a ‘break in the weather’ so Tiree has many such breaks in the weather.

I seems so long since we returned from holiday I need another already. Thought I’d share a few more photos before it fades completely into the autumn mists…..




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