Oh Heavens it’s nearly………..

Well, what do you know?  Summer came and went in a shower of lukewarm and occassional sunny spells. The weather doesn’t seem to have changed pace since April, the clocks went forward and back, the leaves are still on the trees, I don’t think I’ve seen frost for months ( I don’t get up that early). Apart from the darker evenings I’m not really sure what end of the year it is. And tomorrow is November……

I have in recent years been knitting stuff as present for the advancing ‘Season to be Jolly’ Youngest son announced that since I do would I make one of these and one of these?…(I think the assumption was it would be difficult if not impossible for little Mum).. The one of these in question turned out to be a cowl/collar/scarf seen on a shopping trip, in braided knitting. Looks very effective and is a little bit too easy reproduce something similar. Made two in an evening !!

So we’ve divised a pattern and there is a workshop if you are interested.dscf5814

The other one of these was ….. a ‘knitted crown’.

Some of you might just remember last year’s run up to Christmas on our facebook page and the Christmas party with well….the crowns ( oh what am I like? sooooooooooo coooooooooL!!) ha just so you know it is so last year!!!!

This years are gold last year was a bit pastel I’ve made over the pointy bits and there’s lots of chance to make it your own variation. Here they are again and they are very easy to make so another workshop is planned for 29th November. Make a few for the big day!


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