Sam Warburton?

It tells you much about my knowledge of Rugby when I heard the newsman talking about Mr Warburton and thought it was about bread. It also says much about the power of adverts that I then thought of frogs. Too much TV watching while ill. Mr Sam Warburton is/was the Captain of the Wales Rugby team I believe.

As you know I have been working on an idea to join in the celebrations of the University regarding the first rugby game in Wales (Side tracked) .

I finished Algy and well he is cute (not something said of modern rugby players often unless to provoke them!!). The feedback was positive – we are to knit a team!!

So Saturdays in February and March  from 1 O’clock come along and make arms, legs, heads or jumpers and longs. Some events will be in the University so watch this space. We’ll see how many team members we have by the grand sew up event on Saturday 1st April. OH yes I know! The University team colours first then if we get enough help a modern-day Welsh team.

I will have to simplify the pattern for mass production and as has been pointed out he needs more shoulder and less hips!!! Its a chance to have a go at toy making and knitting with small needles and real wool. Free admission.  They are made mostly in local wool. I need a source of local black for boots, otherwise we are off.

They go right up to there………

Happy New Year to all and hope you had a good rest. Over the ‘holiday’ we had a bad cold and man flu, probably the same bug as synchronised coughing was the order of the last week and a half, but in this case himself was worse than I so my  conclusion –a gender specific germ.

The other consequence was very little energy to do anything, even eat!! However I was able to read knitting books and knit. Well — finish things, it takes more energy to start projects — well it does.

These are the trail silk and something Mr Wrack left for me to try its a deep rose colour I think he calls Cassiopeia. I made them short wrist length first but to use up the 100g skein I just picked up the cast on and worked back so they now go all the way to my elbow just what you need on a chilly day. It knits up a dream and is shiny and drapey and just what you’d expect from a yarn pimp!!

I like the connection, Cassiopeia is a star constellation, as a child it was one of the few I knew as it makes a big W shape. My family name begins with a W so it was one we looked out for. Did you see the crescent moon, Mars, and Venus display at the beginning of the week? nature is so awe-inspiring.