They go right up to there………

Happy New Year to all and hope you had a good rest. Over the ‘holiday’ we had a bad cold and man flu, probably the same bug as synchronised coughing was the order of the last week and a half, but in this case himself was worse than I so my  conclusion –a gender specific germ.

The other consequence was very little energy to do anything, even eat!! However I was able to read knitting books and knit. Well — finish things, it takes more energy to start projects — well it does.

These are the trail silk and something Mr Wrack left for me to try its a deep rose colour I think he calls Cassiopeia. I made them short wrist length first but to use up the 100g skein I just picked up the cast on and worked back so they now go all the way to my elbow just what you need on a chilly day. It knits up a dream and is shiny and drapey and just what you’d expect from a yarn pimp!!

I like the connection, Cassiopeia is a star constellation, as a child it was one of the few I knew as it makes a big W shape. My family name begins with a W so it was one we looked out for. Did you see the crescent moon, Mars, and Venus display at the beginning of the week? nature is so awe-inspiring.


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