Hat again…..

JpegWell after the last little issue with hats, I had to get back on and have another go with vaasetter beret . This time with less expectation and more testing. The pattern is a very good one for  beginners to fairisle. Worked in the round colour the pattern is always facing you. The floats at the back are short because the pattern is made up of rows of peerie (small) flowers and geometric blocks. The decrease is easy too. Jamieson and Smith’s Heritage range is quite a soft 4 ply nice to work with. Natural fawn (stock due end March), indigo, and moss green.

The hat does come up big as the pattern suggests so for those with big heads or long tresses! For little noggins I suggest casting on 112 work the rib band then increasing in 2 rows (not 1 as pattern) after the band to get to the same number of stitches as the pattern to complete the repeats. Lovely and much admired.

That done …… I wandered off to find another project. I have searched ravelry for a cardigan jacket pattern in colour work and a boxy shape. I am not sure I am up to a 4ply  fairisle yet I came across a Melissa Lipman’s Shenandoah pattern. Worked in mosaic stitches the colour changes are slipped stitches. Oh what fun that is and quick too. Just have to decide which colour combinations I like…….. Oh on slip stitches you might like to check out Feastival (Triskelion Yarn & Fibre)

Now which one first.

mosaic stitch cushion a practice peice

Finally I want to show you this – Woods a crowd funded kntting book featuring breed specific wool from around Europe. One yarn design is done with Blacker Yarns wool incase you are interested.

What’s in a hat?

I am by anyone’s standards a plus size woman. I have been so all my life or at least all the bit I can remember. I was 5′ 6 ” tall when I went to senior school at 11, head and shoulders above my classmates. By the time I was 16, I was well over being a skinny flat chested teenager. Fashion has never suited me as a consequence I made my own and continue to do so.  I struggle with knitting patterns for a few reasons including that and frequently adapt them for my size and shape. I love books that help us adapt commercial patterns to fit people. Amy Herzog and Melissa Leapman who encourage knitters to adapt to fit you are my heroines! The only point where a ‘one size fits all could work for me ‘ is hats and mitts  and I like to knit these from patterns. This week I am a disappointed knitter.

I have for many months wanted to construct Kate Davies Scatness Tam from her book Colours of Shetland. I have also wanted to use Jamieson’s Spindrift  4ply. Because although we have the  Jamieson’s Smith Heritage range in the shop the colours are quite bright and I wanted to try the alternative spun on Shetland for research (also I liked their colour chart!). Over Christmas and for a number of weeks before I poured over that colour chart for the 7 colours for the project. Mid January the button pressed, I waited for my delivery of 9 colours (I couldn’t quite decide if the colour gradient was right) all the way from Shetland far far away! Next day it came! No disappointment there. The bag opened out popped these lovely soft yarns in deep heather colours but 2 of the balls were DK! Oh heck do I send them back ? – I knit a tension square (on straight needles,oh misguided one) I’ll cope. dscf5883-3

So to the pattern (available  from Ravelry via us). I have a head circumference 19″ (so, I have a small head!) the hat is to fit 21-22″ finished brim size 20″. I went for smaller needles (2.75mm) for  corrugated rib on the brim just to be safe. In two days it was finished. It is absolutely lovely in shades of peat, moorland red-brown on a natural grey back ground with just a touch of green. The pattern is easy to follow. The construction of the fold back brim very elegant. it went together easy and the fairisle pattern drew me onward. Two days and it was done and the whole thing sings. I tried it on it fits neatly on the back of my head, it is snug. Ta Dah!!!

And every time I wear it, it falls down over my eyes!!!!! The tam shape above the brim line is simply too deep for my little noggin – devastation. All I can think is that the pattern design is quite tall and when I am knitting in the round (which is all knit) it has effected my tension (maybe those 2 DK balls helped too). Oh dear ……….so off I went to find another pattern  ……. vaasetter beret