Looking, seeing — come in and stay a while?

This is the season of tourists – lovely people with time to browse and money for a holiday projects.  I am happy to say we have return visitors – “oo we visited last year and just had to come again” – and those who find us on-line “please drop in and visit in person” and some who just pass through Lampeter and find us………DSCF6038

At the Old Post Office — since we moved in the address has been a blessing – it’s a land mark (ask google maps) and its a quite beautiful building.

It was built in the 1930’s, the foundation stone says 1933. There are I’m told, 83 such buildings in the UK built by the GPO as multipurpose buildings (PO, telephone exchange, sorting office, and PostMaster’s accommodation). Ours has many of the original features, high ceilings and an air of  authority – it looks like a Post Office should. That is why it is a Grade 2 Listed Building to protect its authentic originality.  Inside the original doors the moulding and panels are intact (some hidden by wool!), the majority of the counter is still here all be it turned round. On the outside we have a proper red letterbox and a red sign – we look like a Post Office should. Just like buildings built to house Banks, solid and dependable and familiar.

However, that is just what people (especially visitors) see is – a Post Office.  At least once a day someone asks “Are you the Post Office?” The PO services were moved to the Co-Operative supermarket in around 2008. After four years of living in this space, it has stopped surprising me that people only see the vestige of the previous life of this building. Afterall we see red as a colour before we see anything else. And well it looks like a Post Office! What does surprise me is how many people blame me when it isn’t a Post Office. Sorry, but it’s not my fault the PO moved nor can I take down the red sign that still hangs outside (it is part of the ‘Listed’ status). But you are welcome anyway………..

It is a lovely space to work, please excuse our red sign that misleads you in, thank you for visiting and please stay a while.

Oh, think of me as I wander off to the sorting office to collect our post every day. Thanks to the original purpose of the building we don’t have a letter box of our own!!

One thought on “Looking, seeing — come in and stay a while?

  1. I know it’s not the thing to focus on, but I love the shop front – looks like something from Harry Potter! What a great space to have.


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