Thunder and lightening

I don’t know if there were multiple storms last night but we had a corker………. the sheet flashes woke me and the rumbles were gigantic. And lashing rain – I could see the big plops landing in my head when the rain started (even though I stayed in bed). The sheet lightning was so bright I could see it through closed eyes (sleeping again not an option!). Not the sort of storm I remember from my childhood. When from home on the high side of a Yorkshire Dale, we watched the storm clouds cracks and zigzag forks driving down the Aire Valley passed us toward Bradford.

As I laid there counting the time between flash and rumble – I got to thinking knitting …..doesn’t everyone? My current projects are almost finished.  The Shenandoah jacket needs part of a sleeve. Peter’s jumper needs bands for the armhole. Rugby man, can wait!. I listed the yarn for new projects in my personal stash and realised there has been a bit of an obsession over the last year.

The yarn for ‘Breathing space’ Triskelion’s Cassiopeia, and Cambrian Mountains Slate; some Whislebare 4ply in Yeavering Bell in Mulberry Mead and Little Grey Sheep’s Laceweight (in a colour that I think was midnight but could have been twilight or even thundering) turns out was called Dark Clouds overhead!!. There’s Manos del Uruguay lace in Apalachian.  (The contrast shade in my Shenandoah jacket). All seemed to be thunder inspired shades of dark violet/purple/slate/plum/mulberry/lavender/rose/mud/ – the colour names issue again.

Not something I can sort by showing you as the photos don’t show the real colours. I also realise I’ve made several dresses, a coat, tops and trousers in shade of this colour which meld as a wardrobe but were all described as various shades or tones and of I’ll plump  for …. puce ( Just to cause more controversy). Some are, himself would call brown and I might call taupe. Some are definitely dyers violet. Some well, didn’t look anything like the colour they transpired to be when received, shall I say!

It has even crept into the shop from my favourite shade Slate from Cambrian Mountain’s Wool, Ramsdale’s mulberry, woolyknit’s BFL amathist, WYS’s exquisite , Wendy’s Air and a new linen mix from Erica Knight -lacy (there a new one) all have that about them. Oh I do hope you like that colour too.


It’s a happy colour I suppose, not regal purple more violet/red/pink when added to grey in a weave became that taupe. Not so fashionable maybe, in some guises a bit out there and flashy (when close to magenta). A bit hard to match to buttons and shoes but as ‘homemade’ wardrobe person that is part of the appeal.

What next ? —

I have been playing with the Little Grey Sheep’s mohair for a shawl or shrug to go with a dress but can’t decide on the garment. Then that new viscose linen looks like it will make a project I have been looking to do for a while a ‘Curl’ from Hunter Hammersen’s book Curls. Then there is always a Merit beret; that Fairisle waistcoat; Ydalir shawl or a Funyin hat ………………..

I did get back to sleep eventually .. what else does a woolshop owner dream of   ?????

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