What’s new?

I was recently asked what are the new trends for this season?? Well ….that depends on who you speak to.. follow or are informed by.

I wandered off to investigate and my findings are —- if fashion is your thing and we are all effected by the Industry whether we like it or not. The catwalks say Cables, Stripes, Colourwork and Oversize are ‘IN’. Wear your Cardigans with pride. And along with all those black, grey, beige and taupe (with new names to old colour pallets) staples there will be red (surprise!!) gold (glittery and not) and a nice 1940’s powder blue (I don’t do blue but it is quite nice).

I rummaged through the stock and found these representatives.

If the highstreet is your guide then this year’s colour is a green Stylecraft’s cypress or meadow or Cambrian Mountains new Gwynnon. This Autumn’s colours are quite washed out seaglass(pale pale teal), flame (orange red) and hazelnut (light natural brown) are likely to be in clothes shops. From the WYSpinners stables:DSCF6118

For Knitters who follow knitters there are some interesting new oversize designs from The Fibre Co who support independent designers work. The new Marie Wallin collection Shetland has my favourite (I have to make that design) an interesting shaped construction FairIsle jacket (but when will that happen?).

As for the manufacturers of yarn??? They have to anticipate up to 6 months in advance what you will all want to work with……..

Stylecraft have gone with colour combos and stripes (knit as you go or patterns for) new tweedy, stronger Batik colours and a powder blue for the Special DK range (in later next week).

Kingcole went for vintage cardigans and Luxury Merino.

Wendy (in next month) superchunky oversize jumpers. Hey who said fashion trends weren’t predictable!!!!!!