Penlon and The Croft

Knitting addicts come in all sizes, I have to say I am one of the worst – I have a shop full of yarn, and most of my home is also a craft in progress zone. I at home, (on the rare days I’m not sorting out shop stuff) I sew – a new outfit for my son’s wedding including a clutch bag and a knitting bag with needle cases have been the last two projects completed.

But the shopping for materials has caused a new backlog of project potentials!! Stash exceeds known realistic limits for completion – maybe some time in 2100!

As for the knitting projects – I have promised to complete some things for me this year — other than hats and cowls. The shop limits the complexity of projects I can tackle there so more intense tricky things have to be done at home. Excuse number one to have at least 2 projects on the go at anyone time. Excuse number 2 is I get bored with big projects so they are interspersed with smaller bits and bobs. I did (until last weekend) have 5 projects on needles. A lace scarf for my sister, a cardigan from a mixed yarn for me, a FairIsle/colourwork waistcoat with steeks, the Penlon cushion cover ( a new pattern for Red Apple) and a fine laceweight stocking stitch cardigan (knitting on 2.75mm needles in one peice, which might be finished by 2020).

I have now finished the cushion (and it’s pattern just needs a printout), the cardigan and the scarf.So I didn’t feel tooo guilty when the WYSpinners new The Croft shetland yarn which came in last week. I sampled knit some for display and then I picked a simple cape pattern free from Berrico yarns I’m already adapting the sleeve finish prehaps to include some woolyknit BFL Amithyst that works really well with the colourway I choose Clousta.

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