Exquisite and Beads

At this time of year I like to sort out some new patterns for kits exclusive to RedApple. I don’t have a theme but I like them to be easy to remember, enjoyable to work and introduce novel techniques. Many people want knitting projects to do in front of the telly with


more or less no thinking required. Quite a lot want ‘it’ to grow quick too and opt for the big yarns – This is an idea for mind full knitting that grows quick (surprisingly) and produces a luxury gift? It sprang from  some mitts Annette (KnitNight) brought in Denmark where beaded knitting is big. Her’s were wrist warmers with tiny seed beads (if you look there are designs on the net in every conceivable pattern). We have just had a new colour in for the WYS Exquisite truffle and beads in steel grey. Play I must!!!

The beads are much bigger (size6/0) than the seed beads used for many of the designs which put beads on every row but as a test project they work. They are put in every 4th row. You can mindless knit between putting beads on and they mitts grow faster. There are 68st per row and provided you have points to you needles the work grows quick. (It does, it does, because you aren’t forever turning the work round to work back!!) I worked on long straight needles (size No14 ,2mm, bagging knitting again) but most people would manage on 2.25mm (13s).

I threaded the beads onto the yarn before starting and because the beads big placed them into the knitting between stitches rather than on a stitch. The disadvantage of stringing before working is that the yarn is weighted and in this case that did affect the tension! (a good thing if you are a baggy breeches), so the yarn has to stay on the table. It is possible to string them with a crochet hook too, one at a time. This might be better for such fine yarn. Anyway easy took me 2 days knitting to do one, with a fancy bind off so no sewing up and about 20g of yarn. You might get 3 pairs from a skein especially if your giftee has fine hands!!

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