I Love Knitting actually – price savings

We have had some very quiet days this Autumn. Maybe it the climate …just not cold enough to knit. Maybe is the economy…..Boris and Brexit ? Maybe the down turn …….. maybe my age and family stuff …………..well as the days have gotten quiet again I have begun to consider if its something I am doing or not doing. I fhter is something I could to better.

A stage whispered comment from a customer to her friend  …(we’re a small shop and well I am here (it amazes me that people think shop assistants are invisible!), was the final ………..

“This shop is soooo expensive!”…… flabber my gast

When we set up RedApple I was aware that prices on the internet are lower than I could afford to offer. They buy in bulk and sell more in a day than I do in a week. I have tried over the years to keep to below a 25p difference per ball in the price we have to charge and the bottom RRP or the price charged by companies on their own website.

DSCF6205 New Riot Chunky is £3.70

It’s an advice on hand, touch and feel cost of a real live shop, with people to talk to and all that……. People love to look at the yarns and feel the quality before they buy… many people need to see the colours together before they buy. We offer lots of free advice on all sorts of stuff from where to get your fleece made into yarn to how to get to the kite feeding station (Ex- Post Office equals tourist information office in some people’s heads). And lots of how to knit and keep knitting tips, I’m a mine of knitting trivia.  Not enough????


West Yorkshire Spinners AireValley DK is £4 a ball – 75p less than the internet

I know from the reps that its getting tough out there so yesterday I have  about the net with vengeance. And after a morning comparing and deep considerations I have decided that RedApple can’t compete with the internet offerings in terms of range or price for long. That small town Lampeter does not have to footfall it did and personality doesn’t pay the bills… but Red Apple is going to try to internet price match……


From today (19/10/17) Red Apple will offer all yarns we stock from West Yorkshire Spinners, King Cole, Wendy and Stylecraft at the same price as that advertised by Loveknitting (ie price as at 17/10/17 ). This on line retailer was chosen as representative of these type of retailers and because it seems to enjoy its customers knitting projects.

There will be offers on the other yarns during the next few weeks look out of these on facebook (except local yarns sold on commission).  The exception is Stylecraft Special is our quality acrylic – this has come down to £2 its the lowest I can justify. The online retailers sell it for £1.85. They sell tonnes of it a week, they also charge you P&P (£3.25 and £2.95) for purchases less than £25 this mean you would have to buy 14 balls to get the free P&P. So ……….If you buy 5 balls and pay P&P you will get charged 65p/ball more that is £2.50/ball.

Most of our prices were similar and if the difference between our price and the on line price was 5p or less the offer is for us to donated the pennies to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People (for Vinnie), lets see how much we can raise for them. Rounding up make your change easier to handle.

These offers will continue while stocks last and may end on 31st December 2017.

Play School

The shop has tried to run classes, but we frequently find there are only one or two takers the time or the place don’t suit or just not enoughg people want to make what every…. Knitting is one of those skills you just have to practice, so short classes don’t seem to acheive much. Any item even a mitt will take most people a day or so to make. It is hard to get a group of knitters together who want to  learn the same thing  at the same time, in rural Wales anyway. Knit Night is popular and we get people coming to the beginners ‘how do I do this?’ sessions on Saturdays.

I have been asked about day time sessions in the shop but ….well we have too much wool for comfort, to run classes and be open. So I have come up with an idea I hope you like it. Play Days —— swatch for fun. You can try  techniques, new cast ons, cast off, play with different yarns, talk knitting with other yarn heads – Oh and there will be homemade biscuits too.

It will a day knitting in the shop –  play with different yarns, improve your knitting knowledge, have fun and all on Wednesday when the shop is closed (so you get the shop to yourselves). The days will be themed – Texture, Colour, Yarn, Making up.  All good knitting has a bit of structure.

The first one is on October 24th (book now places limited to 10). I picked texture for this as well there are lots to choose from, well it’s a good place to start.

The next will be 22nd November Edges and Making up it will include more unusual cast on and cast off s, some non-roll edges for cardis and sleek for those brave enough to cut knitting!!


On January 25th we will do Colour a bit of stranding, some stripes, intarsia and some slip stitch