Festive Fiver Fest Mitts

Lampeter is part of the TotallyLocally movement. Encouraging people to consider how and where they spend what money they have – mindful of how local economics works and how money spent in big companies leaves local communities and doesn’t readily return.

As part of the campaign local shops club together and promote offers just like super markets do to encourage spend locally. See totally locally lambed on face book for the Lampeter deals. As part of one of these offers we have a Fiver Fest Kit. Currently wool (Wendy Ramsdale), needles and pattern for mittens. There is sufficient yarn to make a cowl instead. Same pattern less finishing.



The pattern is so easy I have been making them as presents. Easy for a beginner and mindful for the stressed!!


They make up in any 50g main and small amount of contrast DK, I use 3.75mm needles to get a good 22st to four inches.

The Cowl pattern is:

Cast on 54st in contrast colour and work 1 row K. Change to main colour.

Row 1 (P1,K1) repeat 4 times P to end

Row 2 (K1,P1)repeat 4 times K to end

Work until all main colour yarn is used. By chance I have found this happen at the end of a K row. If your yarn does not please end on/after a k row, or work 1 row in contrast.

The tricky new skill bit is the finish cast off. You can cast off and sew up the seam to avoid this but I have found that by using equivalent of three needle cast off  I can finish and sew up at same time, and this gives a nice detail having the cast off edge showing.

To do this – fold knitting with wrong sides together (if you finish with a K row the live stitches will be at the back with cast on edge nearest you). Pick up the first cast on st and knit it together with first st on needle. Repeat and then cast off one.  To leave a hole for the thumb cast off 12 st (test fit the length of the top of your mit now add st to cast off if you want the top longer and make a note for the next mit). To leave the hole just cast off 8st from the working needle only. Miss 8 cast on st and begin again knitting cast on edge and needle st continue to Knit the tow together and cast off – work to end.

I have found that it is easy to add some fun to these mitts with simple stranding colour work too. It works for other DK AND adapts for 4ply  yarns. I even made Peter some which he like cause they let him fiddle and keep his hands warm!!!

The mitts wear easily with or without the thumb. Make sure your tension gives a stretch to the fabric produced and make the mitt length slightly smaller than the circumference of your hand.


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