The Greatest Showman

Yesterday I went on a little adventure … all the way to Carmarthen to see the Hugh Jackman musical film about PT Barnum. I learnt several things …. that not everyone knows that PT Barnum owned Jumbo the Elephant (the orignal ‘Jumbo’ – ex London Zoo fame) and the largest known elephant of his day. That my preconceived ideas about Barnum and Bailey Circus treating animals and people, not very well in order to make a fast buck – did not take into account of the safe place the circus family gave to people who were shunned in the outside society of its time.¬† And Hugh Jackman can sing and dance and …..anyway go and see it…… and feel better…. I need to find the words to the songs, apparently there is a sing along showing – you have been warned!!!!!!!

Having felt better (Thank you Pips), and today the sun is shining. I realise it is all too easy to do things (anything) to keep busy and still feel bad – for not doing everything. Then to think the something you did do is not good enough, which in my case make me feel worse. So I decided to check on progress since the New Year.

I have decided to tackle a webshop – just the British brand and wool (natural) and attach it to the website. That this is less difficult than I thought, so watch this space.

I have not bought on sale fabric just because! I have bought linen fabric to make trousers and am still looking for the right pattern and yarn for a swing jumper idea.

I have finished:

the sleeves idea – after several attempts to get the shape and grip they work. The cast off edge at the elbow is the most taxing and won’t work for everyone.¬† I want to use the pattern of the colour work again for a cushion. The pattern itself is very easy and looks contemporary. I don’t think the sleeve idea will catch on, but the colour work does produce sleeves with enough grip to stay up on their own.

the Leftie scarf/shawl for the window and have nearly completed the Welsh blanket bag for the St David’s Day window.


the short cardigan in alpaca sock yarn with lots of buttons down it………. see the top photos. That is quite a lot of knitting contemplation. I should get out more……….