Post Holiday Blue…..


Well I’m back from my holiday – not long enough, slow enough, or far enough for some of the little party I went with. But I have got some of my knitting done!

We had a lovely cottage in Port William, overlooking the Luce Bay – the panorama from the lounge window, with seagull swooping off the roof was very restful.

looking at my photos the visit seemed to revolve around prehistoric sites – I like the feel of barrow sites and cairns. You can feel why they were important to people, the settings are often so inspiring.

Gardens and photos of lots texture.


And I let Peter loose with the camera again so interesting his perspective on life – Not sure why the shoe obsession but Grandad is quite intimidating from this angle!



We all had a lovely time DSCF6449a… even those left in charge at the emporium so I hear

One thought on “Post Holiday Blue…..

  1. The knitting looks completely different “in the flesh” compared to the photo… exactly why we need real live yarn shops.
    Grandad looks tall and imposing anyway, so when you are as small as Peter he must appear to be huge… shoes are probably more approachable when you are so close to the ground!

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