Spring Clean and Summer…………

Usually I like to sit in the shop during the summer. It is officially spring I got out my sandals (worn with socks probably for this year!!) and the shop needed a clean — housework is not my favorite thing but well I rearranged a few of the displays  and I’m quite proud of my chalk pegboard display….to celebrate I ordered some summer weight summer coloured yarns.

Eden Cottage Yarns Milburn 4ply is a Bluefaced Leicester and silk mixed yarn. Well I had to play ……..(that’s a sock by the way) stitch definition is good and quite drapey. The silk in the mix is supposed to be a good alternative to nylon, very luxurious. The book on straight needle sock knitting also has a socks for flip-flops pattern (luxury socks with sandals getting more glam by the minute). As an aside I have been looking for 100% natural sock yarns for a while since our trip to the Isle of Man where I saw Mohair socks. Whistlebare in Northumberland have recently brought out Cuthbert sock yarn Wensleydale (sheep) and Mohair (goat) from their own flock. And Sue Blacker has a new mohair blend 4ply with the same purpose. Oh I do like it when I’m on the case… problem is these small producers make more money selling direct to you than via retail shops. Never mind they are on my wish list!!!

This is Lux Linen from Woolyknit (!) I have to say I wasn’t sure linen can be stiff and hard to work. This knits up to a drapey fabric with 4mm needles ( I’m a sloppy knitter so this might be 4.5mm for others) with a few holes in the fabric to allow it to move. I haven’t washed it yet but all linen softens and improves with age!

There is some Heritage Jamieson and Smith on the way too (it’s a long way from Lerwick) in natural colours and some chunky and super chunky natural wools to fill the gaps!!!! Just need some customers …………………… drop the spade it’s still tooo wet to garden, that  sunshine isn’t warm you know!!!!


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