New What?


Well that went by fast ………..its spring and the daffys are outdscf6581

And its nearly three months on from this photo. 2018 was a bit like that keep going, keep going, oh look round and all change …..I started the year wanting to make more things for me. I was going to do things that completed outfits and I make things I liked in 2018  but other things happened and reflecting on the year I think its more what I learnt from all the 2018 chaos, than what I made – I learnt:

nothing and no-one lives forever; when you loose something it is OK to be sad, angry, frustrated just don’t take that out on others;

we expect too much perfection from everything especially other people; when people are over stretched they are not at their best; love people, who love you and spend time with them;

take time to evict the “stuff” that is not longer ‘useful or beautiful’ from your life and when you do don’t feel guilty; reducing the amount of “stuff ” you have helps you focus on life and what you really want /need to knit/make;

These are the last few makes recently completed.. and strangely I kept making through the storms of life its become an anchor in the chaos!!


Sock On…..

What with one thing and another I seem to have left blogging for quite a while….. Life largely getting in they way and a computer gremlin who refused to speak to my camera until yesterday. I had given up hope of reconciliation and was browsing for ipads!!

I didn’t manage my seven sock challenge at Christmas, I completed 3 pairs but there are still 2 odd socks in the bag without a pair. In February we had an order from Italy it brought some lovely dark coloured sock yarns in 50g balls, and luxury 4ply alpaca and merinos.


The idea of the sock yarns was that you can pick two colours and get two-tone socks from 100g (at £4 a ball for the usual nylon, wool mix they are a good price). However the blurb says you can make a pair from a 50g ball!  Challenge accepted…..

At this point there was to have been a lovely series of work in progression photos of said socks… ( technology has still thwarted that or rather my laptop has….)

the socks were duly knit on No12 (2.75mm) with a pattern I have used before 73st cast on. As you might know I knit socks on straights and as such I was able to knit two at the same time (I know some people can do this with knitting in the round I have never mastered the fiddlely process myself). Side by side also helps as the pattern I use knits a left and right sock, so I always know where I am….. (And just to note there is no seam to feel on these socks, if you remember to slip the 1st stitch of each row …..honest!!!)

Anyway the said socks did not come from one ball and unless you are a child or a small footed booby  … you will still need the 100g. I got from 50g all the way to and inch from the toe shaping so mine will look OK but they would be better if I had knit plain heel toe and gusset and toes as well. But experiment will inform and a new pair of socks to add to the tally!!!

If you want to learn sock making we have a class 10th April with places – sock structure ( we knit flat to start with), skills for socks – short rows, toes shaping,  (slip-stitch seams) and knitting in the round. Leave a message in Facebook or call the shop.