New What?


Well that went by fast ………..its spring and the daffys are outdscf6581

And its nearly three months on from this photo. 2018 was a bit like that keep going, keep going, oh look round and all change …..I started the year wanting to make more things for me. I was going to do things that completed outfits and I make things I liked in 2018  but other things happened and reflecting on the year I think its more what I learnt from all the 2018 chaos, than what I made – I learnt:

nothing and no-one lives forever; when you loose something it is OK to be sad, angry, frustrated just don’t take that out on others;

we expect too much perfection from everything especially other people; when people are over stretched they are not at their best; love people, who love you and spend time with them;

take time to evict the “stuff” that is not longer ‘useful or beautiful’ from your life and when you do don’t feel guilty; reducing the amount of “stuff ” you have helps you focus on life and what you really want /need to knit/make;

These are the last few makes recently completed.. and strangely I kept making through the storms of life its become an anchor in the chaos!!


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