The Future of Social Distancing 

Still crazy after all ….and still here

We will not be opening fully from 22 June 2020 my plan pre-pandemic was to take time out until the middle /end August for a rest…….. so on with the plan (laughs manically like a Bond villain)

We are and have been available by appointment – as I considered supplies essential to mental health. At RedAppleYarn we know you like to see and feel your yarn before buying. A visit to the shop is part of the choosing process.

We are currently offering yarns shop appointments on Fridays and Saturdays.

Please contact us to book an appointment or arrange yarn purchases,

By  Facebook messenger look for Redappleyarn

or Text message or phone call  07739131054 (The signal at home is a bit erratic please message if possible)

Email –

Stock is a bit limited in some areas so if you need anything specific please ask before you make an appointment.

Minimising Risk and Social distancing in the RedApple Shop

Please sanitise your hands before entering the shop Gloves will not be allowed unless they have been cleaned

Please only touch yarn you are interested in…. care will be taken with the samples you touch, wool in particular has self-sanitising properties, but I can’t isolate all stock

Face masks are optional – I have these and am happy to use them when you are in the shop but I can’t wear one all the time. The shop will close immediately if I am self-isolating or become unwell. The appointment system will allow us to trace you quickly and I will let you.

Please do not come in if you are ill.

We can accommodate small ‘bubble’ groups 2 or 3 people please let me know before your appointment.

Going forward

The shop is a big space and we intend to maximise the floor space to allow as many people in to browse as possible but in the short term appointments maybe our best option. I am currently rethinking what we sell and how we use the space – more UK produce and less plastic — dyes anyone?watch this space Mr Bond…..

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