The end of an era – After the SALE

I have handed in notice to the landlord and he has a new tenant… going back now.

The shop will close on Saturday 12th of 12th 2020 sounded auspicious..well maybe not. I can honestly say I am not sad. I have enjoyed most of the last 7 and 3/4 years, the last two have been difficult I think I wore myself out. But I would do it again, hopefully having learnt a lot. Maybe I will.

The deciding factors are many —- footfall has not been good, when most of our customers travel to visit and they are locked down it was inevitable. Keeping doors open for good ventilation is one thing but I am now practically working outdoors even with my woolies on. I am too old for Hypothermia.

Mostly it’s time…..I don’t want to sell fashion yarns with the associated plastic and long distance travel. Natural and wool have always been my passion. It’s a local resource processed in the UK providing jobs and recycling wealth here. I would like to start stocking fabrics and shift focus to helping people make and wear sustainable me made wardrobes but maybe not just yet.

Hat kits available soon

The sale is on ….. there are offers on stock oddments, Adriafil yarns are 20% off, and just to try to convert you …. 20% off the purchase of any British yarn if you buy 500g of any one colour jumpers anyone??

I plan to continue with the blog posting about my ‘me made’ creations; sell the yarns as kits either here or an Etsy shop…the Facebook page will be open for enquires for yarns. And as soon as we are able to get the knit nighters back together for the Thursday craziness at a new venue………

Stay safe, stay warm, have the best festive season you can I wish us all a much Happier New Year

2 thoughts on “The end of an era – After the SALE

  1. I wish you so much love, luck and happiness for the future. I love too, that you stand for natural yarns, spun and dyed in the UK and especially Wales. I also transform unwanted items of clothing into new (to me) garments and get so much pleasure out of gaining something that’s more my style and fit……for often no cost, to either me or the environment. So I look forward to any future ventures of yours with enthusiasm……..until then, keep safe and be happy!!!


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