Going a little Rusty……

It had been ages since I wrote regularly what with one thing and the other ….so for a new run of blogs I thought I would share my attempts at wardrobe curation (is that a word?).

winter 2019

nutmeg and poppyseed sock

Melby The Croft RedApple pattern Dec 2019

When we could

Ochre designer wool fabric from Yorkshire

Repeat Repeat

This all started a couple of years ago before COVID, I am not sure why but I thought I needed a capsule wardrobe. Probably after lugging a massive suitcase of clothes on holiday only to wear a few of them. That’s the joy of UKacations fill the car drive to holiday cottage empty the car.

Anyway …… after lots of ummming and scribbling, scouring my favourite fabric shops and ordering. Rummaging stock both shop and home. Frantic making and sewing. Some major sizing and pattern choice gaffs. I learnt —- it is too easy to get carried away with an idea, but also that what I thought I wanted to wear wasn’t what I do wear, and how many coats does anyone need unless they are the Queen?). And that Kate Davies sketches her designs ideas including how she will style them in the finished photo shoots!
This is the thing……… designs, sewing and knitting patterns, are usually styled to focus on the item not how you will wear it or how it fit with other things in your wardrobe! I know slow or what?

So I went though the wardrobe clear out….which is ongoing. Listed all the clothes I wear regularly, make regularly, fished out patterns that I like making and I wear because they look nice and are comfy. These tended to be black. I realised the lugging of suit cases was down to random scattergun approach to making and buying so that nothing actually worked together.

Just black
That is eight hangers of black trousers!
Black with grey or cream

Capsule wardrobes makes life easy so the websites say. Slow fashion me made …….So stick to a colour palette they say (this also stops you/me buying just because I like the colour/pattern/fabric/price….) only buy to replace or fill a gap they say…. I added only natural fabrics and set off again.

The palette started off black (because I didn’t want to replace everything at once, but who wants to buy any more black fabric?), charcoal grey (because blue greys wash me out), olive green and shades of (I am always in for a bit of Chartreuse), magenta (because it gets noticed) and copper/ ochre /rust …..because I was knitting a jumper in WYS The Croft Melby and socks in Nutmeg photos above. Then I found some Ochre printed wool in a real life shop and just had to have it …… from then on matching colour on the inter whatever is hopeless and I am quite good at it in real life but not being one for samples somethings ……well didn’t go to plan……….one shops ‘rust’, is another’s ‘burnt orange’ and another’s ‘ochre’ and the shopping carts got longer and longer. It’s still happening ….

Then came lockdown and, there wash a large stash of fabric and a few pots of dye (to ‘fix’ some fabric right, colour wrong choices). I have just gotten rustier and rustier ……….. wait til you see the next post….

Rust goes with every thing including chartreuse even though reproduction is varied! Even a Carbeth