Carditwins and Horology…….

Skipping the ‘me made’ reprise for a moment I want to share my next project…… I have wanted to make a cardigan from Cambrian Mmountains Wool, in the pale smoke colour Cegin. I have a batch of 4 ply set aside for it but finding the project was the thing. It fits with several of the recent makes and as a neutral should work with a lot of other things too. I know the yarn having made quite a few bits with it. It is well behaved….. I just haven’t been inspired. I am also finishing 2 part started ones before I could commit to another…….

You may know I like the designs of Kate Davies and some recent ones have been really interesting. I like her precision and the details. The I-cord button holes on my Carbeth cardi, neat and tidy.. Orchle and Sleeve island are also on my list just because. Anyway …… friend Philippa a self confessed novice with a taste for trying to knit fantastic wants to make Horology… a recent pattern Kate designed for a new wool from Laxtons. Seek them out on the net …they spin many of the indi dyers yarn and most of the UK specialist ones like KDDs own, Cambrian etc.

Turns out I have volunteered to knit one too….Horology with twisted rib cables … so this morning I set too. I agreed because it is top down a style. I like top down because you make the bit that should fit you best first. The shoulder neck region of a raglan style jumper has to fit well to be comfortable and sit properly, as it carries the weight of the jumper. Top down allows you to fit this before you mess about with the rest. Great for doubtful amounts of yarn ….a few rows less at the bottom much easier to deal with than a missing shoulder shaping. All the above examples of my knitted home mades are top down.
There are snags with this style of jumper. I have adapted Heidi Kimmaire’s Peasy several times adapting the neck stitch count and heading off into the shaped beyond, with great success. The shaping just works for me especially if I add a bust dart increase after the front stitches are added to allow for my bustage. So picking the right size on a new pattern ……based on the sizing for the body I needed size 8 but I also wanted a higher neck. Kate Davies is petite I nearly tripped over her at Edinburgh, she is trim, she does not have bustage or my excess baggage. Having made Carbeth twice I know the fit of her patterns is very good but I don’t like the fashion for that low back neck. It is something solvable on bottom ups just knit more jumper but on top down it has to be solved first.

I solved it (after some extra maths) by casting on for a smaller size and working in extra rows increases until I got to the stitch count for my size…..placing the cable pattern centrally and making the cables start later to accommodate the extra looks OK but it’s taken me a long morning of effort to decode all those sizes. Be warned unpicking twisted rib is an challenge ….I’ll keep you posted…

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