Knitting School

Please contact the shop via facebook  or email or phone Jude on 01570 423715 during shop hours for more details

For 2017 season we are going back to school. In the early 19th Century it was common in some areas for schools to be set up to teach useful skills – reading (the Bible), writing (your name) and knitting (a life skill). Knitting Schools taught children as young as four, to knit at a time when piecework knitting was common and this ecomonic skill could save them from starvation.

This is RedApple’s Knitting School. (full timetable will be available on 31st August 2017)

Beginners Saturdays – Knitting and Crochet session. Every Saturday from 9th September 1:30 we will help you up skill from I haven’t a clue? … to How do I do? …… bring your project or skill you want to master and we’ll help you on your way. £3.50 per session no register (but we miss you if go missing)

Knitting on purpose sample days  – you will make a series of sample swatches based on the theme of the day.  Discuss the techniques, swatches and abbreviations – (These started as a potential series and may get there yet),. You can attend all or some of the sessions. You will need to be able to knit and purl, the smoother you can knit the more samples you will be able to make. We will try new skills, techniques and yarns. These are theme lead Play Days – Knit and natter with a purpose!

Day Classes are £25 (£35 for the Yarns day) and will include some materials and refreshments homemade biscuits but please bring your own lunch. You will also need needles and a notebook.

24th October will be Textures  is postponed to the New Year

22nd November will be Edges and Making Up

25th January will be Colour

10am to 3:30pm

Textures: We will explore stitch patterns making samples of rib and various texture stitch patterns using Knit and Purl, making holes.

Edges and Making up: This session looks at starting AND stopping. Cast ons and Cast Offs edges and sewing up, with some hints to make it easier.

Tension: this session will look at standard tension, your tension, the effect of changing needles size and yarns substitutions for patterns

Colour: This session will look at changing colour stripes, slip stitches and simple Colour changes FairIsle and intasia (samples from this session can be used in Making up)

Yarns: This session looks at the effect of the fibre of the DK yarn. We will sample cotton linen, different sheep’s wool, alpacca  (this session will be £35)