Join us for:


Please note – the evenings start again 1st Thursday September 2019 (5th)

These meetings are Drop in or Drop out —- bring your project and laugh a lot —

Everyone is  Welcome

Small cost includes refreshment and sometimes chocy biscuits

Thursdays -£3.00

630pm to 8:30pm

KNIT NIGHT- the infamous and wonderful evening of knitting and crochet  – we are not fussy.

Occasional visitors always very welcome we don’t have a register but do worry if we don’t see you for a while. The only rule is if no-one else is here by 6:45 I go home.

Beginners improvers AFTERNOON KNIT

Saturday – £3.50

1pm to 3:30pm

Advice, start new skills and help with your knitting/crochet project –beginners and improvers – project unpicking a specialty !

Please note you can always just drop in and knit with us — even if you are just waiting for a friend or the bus!!!!