Opening Hours

Social Distance Opening times:

At RedAppleYarn we know you like to see and feel your yarn before buying. A visit to the shop is part of the choosing process.

We will close for good at the Old Post Office on

12th December 2020

Please contact us to arrange yarn purchases, we will be opening some kind of on line selling in the New Year. In the mean time, if your game of yarn chicken failed with yarn you had purchased from us please  contact below there might be some left!


Facebook messenger



Text message or call

07739131054 (The signal at home is a bit erratic please message if possible)



we can also post….

We are closed on Bank Holidays

The Shop is closed

We can open for groups on other days if you let us know via messenger or usual opening hours below

Dydd Llun Ar Gau/Closed Monday
Dydd Mawrth 10am – 4:30pm Tuesday
Dydd Mercher Ar Gau/Closed Wednesday
Dydd Iau 10am – 4:30pm Thursday
Dydd Gwener 10am – 4:30pm  Friday
Dydd Sadwrn 10am – 4pm Saturday
Dydd Sul Ar Gau/Closed Sunday