DSCF6209 Fiver Fest Kit  the most simple and effective mitts pattern we have is currently on sale as a kit made with Ramsdale yarn wooly warm and so easy. The finish can either be sewn up or a cast and join techique similar to three needle bins off see the blog post for a photo tutorial.

This is a  version of the mitts with same idea to change dimensions with tension so you don’t play about with the pattern. This time in DK CambrianMountians Wool in  Slate and Woolknits BFL in Blossom. Pattern available in the shop.dscf5815

The Cambrian Mountains mittens are sold as a kit in the shop here is the printout pattern that accompanies the Red Apple Kit sold in the shop. If you would like to order the kit please phone the shop (01570 423715)


The pattern cambrian-rainbow-mitts

This is the first attempt at sharing designs let me know what you think.